The death of Stremousov: What inconsistencies were found

Stremousov's death: What inconsistencies were discovered

After 15 minutes after the accident at the scene of an accident involving the so-called «deputy head» The occupation administration of the Kherson region of Kirill Stremousov did not have either a body or a second car. The Russian «Agency« drew attention to this.

Russian propagandists Alexander Kharchenko and Sergey Shilov visited the accident site almost immediately after the accident, but did not see either Stremousov's body or the truck from which , according to the official version, the collaborator's armored SUV collided.

The propagandists claim that they passed the scene of the incident at about 15:40.

«It seems to us that it took about 10-15 minutes from the scene of the tragedy, the accident, because people got backpacks from the car. There were such military backpacks of the molle system. That is, it is clear that this happened quite recently, literally in front of us & # 187;, & # 8212; they said.

In addition, in the statements of officials about the death of Stremousov, there is confusion with the place where the accident occurred. Thus, the Russian-appointed «Minister of Health» Kherson region Vadim Ilmiev told reporters that the accident occurred on the Kherson-Armyansk highway. Military bloggers wrote about an accident near Genichesk. In turn, the propaganda RIA Novosti published a video from the scene of the accident, which shows a road sign. Judging by this sign, the accident occurred on the highway towards Melitopol near Nova Kakhovka.

After 16.00 Kyiv time, a video began to circulate in Telegram channels, in which another Kremlin collaborator Vladimir Saldo confirmed the death of Stremousov. Metadata suggests that Saldo's video was recorded two hours before the first reports of Stremousov's death appeared. The video recording was made at 2:01 pm, and the first news about Stremousov's death was published by the pro-Kremlin media at 3:01 pm.

Stremousov's death: What inconsistencies were discovered

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