The deputy representing the French in Canada becomes a minister in the Macron government

The deputy representing the French in Canada becomes a minister in the Macron government

Roland Lescure had left his position as first vice-president of the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec to campaign for Emmanuel Macron.

The deputy representing the French residing in Canada, Roland Lescure, joins the government of Emmanuel Macron as Minister Delegate in charge of Industry.

L' announcement was made by press release Monday in Paris as part of the cabinet reshuffle.

Mr. Lescure said he was extremely honored by this nomination. I am determined, alongside Bruno Lemaire – Minister of the Economy and Finance – to help make our industrial companies successful, and the millions of French men and women who work there, to strengthen our sovereignty, he said. declared on the Twitter platform.

The government's economic team will make inflation a priority, said Minister Lemaire before the first cabinet meeting of the new government which took place in the late afternoon.

He said that the French expect only one thing from us: to provide solutions to their difficulties, and the first of their difficulties is how to deal with soaring prices, prices food, energy prices, according to remarks reported by the French media.

Former number two of the Caisse de depot et placement du Québec, Mr. Lescure had left the wool socks for Quebecers in 2017 to make the leap into politics with Emmanuel Macron, at the head of a new political party.

Mr. Lescure was elected deputy for French people living in North America in 2017. He served as chairman of the Economic Affairs Commission at the National Assembly.

He was re-elected for a second term as a deputy in the 2022 elections with 55.63% of the vote. At the end of June, he had run for the presidency of the National Assembly, without success.

Mr. Lescure mentioned that Christopher Weissberg, the MP's alternate, would represent the French in North America.

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