The “DPR” said that they themselves are to blame for the deaths of hundreds of invaders in Makeyevka


The cause of the strike on the vocational school building in the temporarily occupied Makeevka, Donetsk region, was «high cellular activity» Russian mobilized. It is reported by TASS with reference to a source in «law enforcement» terrorist «DNR».

«Preliminarily, the reason for the HIMARS hit was the active use of mobile phones by the arrived military personnel. The enemy, using the ECHELON reconnaissance complex, revealed the activity of cellular communications and the location of subscribers & # 187;, & # 8212; the report says.

The agency also noted that «information on the number of injured and dead is being specified».

Meanwhile, the RF Ministry of Defense stated that The Armed Forces of Ukraine fired six rockets of the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system at the temporary deployment point of one of the units of the Russian armed forces.

«As a result of the defeat of four missiles with a high-explosive warhead of the temporary deployment point, 63 Russian servicemen were killed& #187;, — noted in the defense department.

It is noteworthy that even Russian propagandists do not believe in the figure of the dead voiced by the Russian Ministry of Defense. Thus, Russian blogger Vladimir Romanov notes that at the moment it is known that more than 200 Russian occupiers were killed as a result of the strike of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

  • On the night of January 1, the 19th vocational school in Makeyevka, in where the mobilized soldiers of the Russian army were stationed. The media reported that about 600 Russian occupiers could have died as a result of the strike.

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