The DShV explained the removal from the post of the commander of the “Dome” after his interview with WP

The Air Assault Forces confirmed that they would appoint Anatoly «Kupola» for a position in one of the training centers of the DShV of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Valentin Shevchenko, speaker of the DShV, spoke about this in a commentary to the UP.

He called the voiced «Dome» in an interview with WP, information about the losses of Ukrainian servicemen is unreliable. Shevchenko specified that according to the results of an internal audit, a violation by the servicemen of a number of guiding documents regarding public communication and disclosure of information constituting a state secret was established. completed basic and vocational training before being appointed to positions in military units. Shevchenko added that among the subordinates «Kupola» there were military personnel who completed a training course in Britain.

It is indicated that the losses announced by the military during the battles in the unit subordinate to him «significantly overestimated». At the same time, such information has the status «limited access».

  • Kupol said in an interview with WP that the Armed Forces of Ukraine may not have enough forces for a large-scale offensive due to losses .
  • Journalist Yuri Butusov said that after the interview, the battalion commander was removed from his post.

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