The enemy “slows down” the offensive near Ugledar against the backdrop of the defeat of the elite brigade of the marine corps of the Russian Federation

The enemy is

The Russian occupying troops have significantly reduced offensive and assault operations in the Ugledar direction compared to last week. This was announced by the speaker of the joint press center of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction, Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, on the air of the information telethon.

«The enemy has somewhat slowed down, the Russians no longer have the potential to carry out large assault actions . Tonight the enemy managed only two assault actions, which can hardly be called assault actions», — he said.

According to Dmitrashkovsky, the enemy attacked with a motorized rifle squad, which did not have heavy and armored vehicles, so such actions can be called «suicidal». There are also cases when a group with armored vehicles is sent to assault, but without ammunition.

Also, the activity of the «Wagnerites» decreased significantly. At the same time, active shelling of settlements is underway.

  • The 155th Marine Brigade of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation was almost completely destroyed near Ugledar.

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