The European Union eased the sixth package of sanctions against Russia without warning

The European Union eased the sixth round of sanctions against Russia without warning

The European Union removed the ban on access to cloud services from the sixth round of sanctions against Russia. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President's Office, announced this on his Twitter.

– First, the EU Council announces the blocking of EU cloud services for Russia in the 6th package of sanctions. The Council of the EU then edits the posts to remove any mention of cloud computing. No clarifications or clarifications from officials. We must step up sanctions pressure. Do not weaken, – he wrote.

We are talking about the 6th package of sanctions against Russia, approved by the leaders of the countries and the government of the European Union on the night of May 31. It included partial restrictions on the supply of Russian oil, disconnection of several large banks from SWIFT, blocking of TV channels and personal sanctions against citizens of the Russian Federation.

President Vladimir Zelensky believes that the practical result of the new package of sanctions will be minus tens of billions of euros for the Russian Federation, which it will now not be able to send to finance terror. The head of state also announced that after the launch of new restrictions, work will begin on the seventh package of sanctions against Moscow.

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