The expert told how Iranian Shahed-136 drones will be “jammed”

An expert told how Iranian Shahed-136 drones will be jammed

Defense Express Editor-in-Chief Oleg Katkov explained how the equipment to combat Iranian kamikaze drones Shahed-136, which NATO can transfer to Ukraine, will work. He spoke about this on the air of Radio NV.

“I should only make assumptions, because without a name, a study of the specification, it is difficult to say something. But given that Shahed-136 does not have direct telemetry, that is, it works autonomously, according to coordinates, I would bet that we are talking about the transfer of a significant number (hundreds of units) of special GPS jammers and other satellite navigation, ”said expert.

They will knock Iranian kamikaze drones used by Russia off course, he explained.

“When it loses contact with satellites, it should switch to an inertial guidance system, a banal autopilot that simply keeps it on a certain course. Without satellite navigation, the error will be more than 5% of the distance. This means that he may well fall in the fields, completely uncontrollably. He will not be able to get not just into some infrastructure object, but may not get into the city. In this case, we will have to get used to driving, for example, without navigators during an air raid. But I think this is the smallest fee that can be,” added the editor-in-chief of Defense Express.

  • Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the G7 told how many kamikaze drones Russia purchased from Iran

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