The Finnish Parliament said that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline should be stopped

The Finnish parliament said that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline should be stopped

Europe cannot be dependent on a country that does not respect international legal order and must end dependence on Russian energy resources. This includes the shutdown of the Russian Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.

Anders Adlerkreutz, member of the Finnish Parliament, member of the Defense Committee, said this in a Guildhall commentary.

“It has long been obvious that energy for Russia is more than a business and a source of income. It has used its power over energy flows in the past as well, as was evident in its decision-making over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Then I criticized this decision, but many countries did not want to consider the problem otherwise than in an environmental context. The brutal attack on Ukraine led to a rapid change of opinion on this issue,” the politician said.

“It's simple, we cannot depend on a country that does not respect the international legal order. Europe must end dependence on Russian energy resources of all types. This includes the closure of Nord Stream 1,” summed up Andres Adlerkreutz.

Deputies of the European Parliament from Germany, France and the Netherlands, as well as parliamentarians, called for stopping the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 1 in a number of European capitals, including Berlin.

The representative of Germany in the European Parliament, a member of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, Michael Galer, said that the EU should not give the Russian Federation a prerogative in the matter of gas supplies, since Russia had already stopped deliveries to a number of countries, and should unilaterally stop the Russian Nord Stream 1 pipeline '.

Member of the European Parliament from France Rafael Glucksmann said that Nord Stream 1 was built in preparation for the aggressive actions of the Russian Federation in Europe that are now taking place, as well as to strengthen the EU’s dependence on Russia and move away from dependence on transit through Ukraine and Belarus. Glucksmann also said that the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline should be stopped, and Europe should come to a complete energy embargo against Russia, including gas.

The representative of the Netherlands in the European Parliament, Sophie int Weld (Party D66/Renewing Europe group) said that in the short term Europe should be completely freed from Russian gas and oil. She stressed that gas imports through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline should be limited in the shortest possible time, and all supplied energy resources should be subject to high tariffs.

In turn, Bundestag member from the Greens Robin Wagner noted that Germany is already working to achieve independence from Russian gas by building LNG terminals ( liquefied natural gas) and entering into new supply contracts. According to him, Germany's goal should be to stop gas imports via Nord Stream 1 as soon as possible.

In the French Senate, Senator Guillaume Gontar said that the international community should continue to put pressure on Russia in every possible way, despite the damage to the economies of Western states. According to him, while Europe is dependent on Russian gas, the Kremlin still has an instrument of pressure and the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-1 must be stopped.

In the UK Parliament, a member of the House of Lords Mehnad Desai said that one of the instruments stop the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, which can and should be used by the European Union to stop Russia’s war against Ukraine and ensure the inviolability of Ukrainian borders.

Also, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Estonian Parliament, Marko Michelson, noted that maintaining gas transit through Ukraine is an expedient tool to prevent the escalation of hostilities in Europe. He also believes that the European Union should end its dependence on Russian energy resources, the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline should be stopped.

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