The fire is extinguished at the Horne Foundry

The fire-is-extinguished at the Horne Foundry

Smoke was rising above the Horne Foundry facilities on Friday.

The fire that broke out on Friday at the Horne Foundry in Rouyn-Noranda is contained and under control, ensures the company.

Firefighters from the Rouyn-Noranda Fire Department completed the operation late Friday evening.

They were called back early Saturday morning to put out small fires that flared up in the factory.

It was not until around 5:45 a.m. Sunday that the fire, which caused no injuries, was declared extinguished.

The company expects to sustain impacts and a damage assessment will be made later. Sectors of the plant are still in operation, indicates the superintendent of communications and community relations for the Horne Foundry, Cindy Caouette.

It is sure that at the level of our operations, it will have an impact because we are still talking about essential equipment for our operations, for our processes. However, we still have good news. All of our major components appear to be in good condition. So for sure there will be work to do. But it is certain that we will still be able to continue our operations, even if it is in reduced mode, she said.

The company plans to conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

A strong smell of smoke emanated from the factory facilities, which led regional public health to ask the population to close the windows and turn off the systems ventilation until the fire is under control.

Cindy Caouette, communications advisor for the Horne Foundry in Rouyn-Noranda.

Cindy Caouette says that the population should not s& #x27;to worry beyond measure.

When the fire broke out, it was in a building where there were no hazardous materials or toxic products, so there's nothing to worry about, she said.

The citizen committee Stop toxic emissions discharges (ARET) is also concerned about the impacts of the incident on the health of the population residing near the facilities, but recalls that this type of event makes part of the risks of operating a factory in the middle of town.

It's always something that can happen, but it's still very worrying, says Nicole Desgagn├ęs, spokesperson for the ARET committee. I live quite a distance and my particle detectors were very high. I think I would have left the neighborhood if I lived near the foundry, she adds.

Sylvie Nicole, met Saturday morning near the factory , believes that better follow-up should be provided by the foundry with the population the day after an event that it considers to be worrying.

I have weak lungs, so for sure I closed my windows and avoided going out of the house. I haven't heard anything else this morning on that, so I'm taking my dogs out, but I don't know if it's safe to go out. I find that it lacks a little follow-up , she says.

For Guylaine Lemay, another citizen crossed near the foundry, the concern only increases, while the company is under fire from the ramp for several weeks due to its significant air contaminant emissions.

Do we live next to a bomb about to explode? , asks Ms. Lemay. There are already far too many repercussions on the health of citizens, and all that is allowed. We breathe in arsenic and other heavy metals every day. When all this goes on fire, it is sure that one wonders what impact it can have , she adds.

A fire broke out at the Horne Foundry in Rouyn-Noranda

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