The first batch of dead mobilized returned to Russia

The first batch of dead mobilized returned to Russia

To Russia began to receive reports of dead mobilized soldiers. This was reported by «TASS«.

«The military commissariat confirmed the death of five residents of the Chelyabinsk region, who were mobilized in the region. The authorities of the region will provide assistance to their families, they will be paid 1 million rubles each. According to the deputy head of the Korkinsky district, Maria Seyidova, the mobilized were sent from the military commissariat of the Korkinsky, Emanzhelinsky and Etkulsky districts & # 187;, & # 8212; writes the publication.

Journalist Denis Kazansky drew attention to this.

«The first batches of mobilized people are already returning to Russia in zinc coffins. Only in the Chelyabinsk region recognized the death of five people at once. Judging by how quickly they hit 200, no preparations were even close. From the military registration and enlistment office they immediately drove to the front, into the thick of it, and there almost immediately — predictable death», — he noted.

  • A Russian prisoner of war told how he got to the front a week after mobilization.

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