The first batch of Ukrainian grain arrived in Spain, sent by sea

The first batch of Ukrainian grain arrived in Spain, shipped via the sea route

The first batch of Ukrainian grain arrived in the Spanish port of La Coruña, delivered by the “new sea route” across the Baltic Sea to avoid Russian-blocked Ukrainian ports. The cargo ship Alppila with 18,000 tons of corn must be unloaded by Tuesday, June 14th. This was reported in the press service of the port, writes CNN.

The regional group of animal feed producers Agafac will receive corn. It typically imports 40% of its corn from Ukraine between January and June each year. The company said in a statement that “a small amount of corn was sent from Western Ukraine by truck to Poland and Romania.”

– This is only a small amount of corn, but it makes it possible to import everything that is possible from Ukraine, said Bruno Bidet, director of feed company Agafac, who received corn.

Deputy Foreign Minister Dmitry Senik said earlier that Ukraine is trying to establish new routes with Romania, Poland and the Baltic countries to ensure the supply of 22 million tons grain.

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