The Foreign Ministry asked the US government to help open McDonald's in Ukraine

The Foreign Ministry asked the US government to help open McDonald's in Ukraine

Ukrainian authorities are working on opening McDonald's in Ukraine. Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba spoke about the negotiations on this matter.

– With the start of a full-scale invasion, the company, like many others, suspended the operation of restaurants in Ukraine for security reasons. But we at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are convinced that there are now conditions for the resumption of their work, so we are actively urging them to return,” he wrote on his Facebook.

A few weeks ago, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the Ukrainian office and the headquarters of McDonald's in USA.

– We also raised this issue in official contacts with the US government, because McDo is one of the most famous American brands. The process is moving forward, Kuleba assured.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs announced this on Father's Day. He wished that Ukrainian men would soon be able to make children happy by going to McDonald's or ordering from it. According to Dmitry Kuleba, this is a “win-win” option for making children happy.

McDonald's closed in Ukraine on February 24th. The products were handed over to humanitarian headquarters. The American chain left Russia and restaurants called “Vkusno i Tochka” with a similar logo were opened in place of some of them.

The first McDonald's restaurant opened in Ukraine 25 years ago, on May 24, 1997.

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