The French Parliament ratifies the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

The French Parliament ratifies the accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO

French MPs voting for Sweden and Finland joining NATO

Parliament France ratified Sweden's and Finland's accession protocols to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), by a vote of the National Assembly on Tuesday, after the historic decision of these two countries to renounce their neutrality because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The deputies adopted the text by 209 votes against 46 with the support of the Les R├ępublicains party, the Socialist Party and the ecologists, the abstention of the National Rally (far right) and the vote against of La France Insoumise (far left) .

Sweden and Finland, however, need ratification by the organization's 30 member states to benefit from the protection of Article 5 of the Charter of NATO in case of attack.

And Turkey is threatening to freeze the process, accusing the two Scandinavian countries of benevolence towards the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and its allies that Ankara considers terrorist organizations.

France joins 20 allies who have already ratified the protocols, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said.

The head of French diplomacy highlighted the historic and major decision of Sweden and Finland, whose neutrality has so far been a cardinal principle.

This turning point comes from the upheaval of our geopolitical landmarks with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the use of brute force by a power with unprecedented violence, exactions , rapes, murders and deportations, castigated the minister.

With NATO, it is about collective defense and in no way about being offensive, recalled Ms Colonna.

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