The French president “fully assumes” his privileged ties with Uber

The French President “fully assumes” his privileged ties with Uber

French President Emmanuel Macron fully assumes and says he is “extremely proud” of his links with Uber, after a visit to the STMicroelectronics company site, in the south of France.

French President Emmanuel Macron, whose past ties with the company Uber have been controversial since their revelations, said on Tuesday “to fully assume” his action with the American company, carried out at the time “to create thousands of businesses. #x27;jobs”.

As part of the Uber Files, an investigation based on thousands of internal Uber documents, the evening daily Le Monde concluded that there was a secret agreement between Uber and Emmanuel Macron when he was François Hollande's Minister of Economy (from 2014 to 2016).

Two days after these revelations, the opposition continues to accuse the head of state of having defended the interests of Uber, at the time when the company was developing its establishment in France.

Me, I am extremely proud […], it is very difficult to create jobs without companies or entrepreneurs, declared the French head of state, on the sidelines of a trip near the French Alps. I would do it again tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, he argued after visiting the STMicroelectronics company site.

< p>“We introduce a kind of atmosphere which would consist in saying that seeing business leaders, in particular foreigners, would be bad. But I fully assume it and looking at you! I've seen business leaders, the horror! I saw them, it was always official, with collaborators. I'm proud of it! If they created jobs in France, I'm super proud of that.

— Emmanuel Macron, President of France

As one of my predecessors would say: "This touches me without moving my heart. other", added the Head of State in reference to a phrase attributed to former President Jacques Chirac (1995-2007).

The World reports meetings in Mr. Macron's office, numerous exchanges (appointments, calls or SMS) between the Uber teams and Mr. Macron or his advisers.

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