The government called the conditions for the start of the school year offline, except for shelters

The government called the conditions for starting the school year offline, except for shelters

The school year in Ukraine should start in most of the country. Up to 400 thousand children are preparing to go to the first classes. Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this on his Telegram channel on June 8.

During a meeting with the participation of ministries, the head of government instructed to check shelters in educational institutions and near them; ensure enhanced security of kindergartens, schools, universities; provide educational institutions with backup and autonomous sources of energy saving; to ensure the transport of children to school where necessary.

The head of the Ministry of Education and Science, Sergei Shkarlet, wrote that the new academic year should begin after the inspection of educational institutions and adjacent territories for the presence of explosives by specialists of the State Emergency Service; readiness of local and object warning systems (sirens); equipment of dual-use structures and simple shelters in each educational institution, taking into account the provision of shelter for 100% of participants; creating stocks of materials, equipment, tools, water and medical supplies in educational institutions; conducting trainings on the announcement of the “Air Raid” signal.

The KSCA reported that more than 80% of the places in the first grades of Kyiv were already occupied. This is 25 thousand children. The conditions for enrolling in schools have been simplified as much as possible: you can submit documents electronically, by mail or scanned copies through an authorized representative. We also extended the enrollment process until August 23. The original medical certificate must be submitted before the final date of enrollment.

On June 1, kindergartens resumed their work in the capital. Almost 400 children out of 100,000 who were registered in institutions before the introduction of martial law went to them.

On June 7, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Andriy Vitrenko said that all children, students, pupils should go to schools, universities, colleges, vocational education institutions. The Ministry of Education plans to change the school curriculum, removing the Russian classics and strengthening safety education. National-patriotic education and a separate unit related to mine action will be strengthened.

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