The GRIPP unit could be split in two at the Quebec police

The GRIPP unit could be split in two at the Quebec police

Seven months after the broadcast of the videos of& #x27;strong arrests, changes are still pending.

The agents of the GRIPP unit found themselves in turmoil last November, after the broadcast of videos of controversial interventions on the Grande Allée, in particular.

Seven months after the he emergence of videos of muscular arrests having sparked a controversy at the Service de police de la Ville de Québec (SPVQ), the GRIPP unit is preparing to resume its surveillance in the bars of the capital. However, the mandate of this unit could soon be split in two, learned Radio-Canada.

According to our information, the SPVQ is considering assigning part of the Public Relations and Police Intervention Group (GRIPP) to support criminal investigations, on a full-time basis.

The remaining staff would be assigned to the surveillance of bars and critical places, what the SPVQ calls the service of order and which contributes to the repression of organized crime on the territory of Quebec. However, this mandate would only be active during the summer season, for the most part.

The rest of the year, when there are fewer large gatherings and less traffic in bars and on commercial arteries, law enforcement would be provided by regular patrol officers.

The SPVQ did not want to grant an interview to Radio-Canada. By e-mail, however, the director of communications indicates that the redesign work is in progress and carried out with great seriousness.

Marie-Claude Brousseau recalls that the decision to revise the mandate of the GRIPP unit was taken after the media coverage of videos that raised questions about the actions of certain officers. This redesign was supposed to be completed last February, but nothing has been announced yet.

“Several elements were to be considered and before implant anything. Among other things, the employer party must first reach an agreement with the union party. »

— Marie-Claude Brousseau, Director of Communications at the SPVQ

The GRIPP unit recently recruited new agents in anticipation of the summer season, according to our sources. Training is also offered to them this week, in order to restart the security service in time for the Canada Day holiday.

This training provides an overview of the main elements to be mastered by police officers in the field, including, among others, crowd management, management of intoxicated people, the action plan for parks, management of pedestrian streets, etc., says Ms. Brousseau.

However, Ms. Brousseau indicates that the resumption of the police service of the GRIPP unit is only a pilot project for the summer, because nothing has, for the moment, been officially agreed with the union party and certain elements are to be evaluated during the project.

“The SPVQ takes the work undertaken for the GRIPP unit very seriously and has full confidence in the police officers involved in the process. ”

— Marie-Claude Brousseau, Director of Communications at the SPVQ

Following the broadcast of the controversial videos last fall, five officers from the GRIPP unit had been suspended with pay. Since then, all have returned to work, but one of them remains assigned to administrative tasks.

Two investigations were then launched at the Police Ethics Commissioner, at the request from the Minister of Public Security Geneviève Guilbault.

Two other investigations had also been entrusted to the Independent Investigations Bureau (BEI), since the SPVQ had reasonable grounds to believe that one of his officers may have committed acts of a criminal nature during two separate operations. The result of his investigations is not yet known either.

Insults, spitting and beatings: the reverse side of the muscular arrests on the Grande Allée< /p>

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