The GUR explained why the Russian Federation suspended massive missile strikes

The GUR explained why the Russian Federation suspended mass missile strikes

The Main Intelligence Directorate believes that Russia is preparing and stockpiling missiles, studying new targets and conducting additional reconnaissance before the next massive missile strike. This was stated by the representative of the GUR Vadim Skibitsky on the air of the telethon.

Skibitsky was asked what caused the «pause» between massive Russian missile strikes on Ukraine and whether Russia can wait for something.

«Firstly, additional reconnaissance of those objects on which strikes were carried out. Secondly, this is a classic approach: the areas and targets that will be struck are being studied. Thirdly, missiles are being prepared for combat use, they are being concentrated. It takes time. And, given that the stock of the Russian Federation is decreasing, old missiles are used, which were produced back in the days of the Soviet Union, they need to be serviced before use & # 187;, & # 8212; answered the representative of the GUR.

According to him, the department recorded that the Russians used outdated Kh-22 missiles, and a fairly large percentage of them were blown up in the air without reaching the target.

Skibitsky said that the occupiers use a strategic reserve for some types of weapons, because «30% — a threshold that must always remain».

«We can see from the fragments of the rockets that they used that the rockets were made this year. That is, missiles immediately go from the assembly line for use. How long will these missiles last — depends on production. It has fallen compared to the pre-war period, but, unfortunately, the Russian Federation, due to circumvention of economic sanctions, is still able to produce a certain number of cruise missiles and other weapons that are used against Ukraine», — he explained.

The representative of the GUR also said that Russia transported ammunition from the territory of Belarus. He specified that within two months Russia had been exporting 122 mm and 152 mm artillery ammunition. According to him, there is no data on the export of missiles of the «Tochka-U» type from Belarus.

Skibitsky believes that Russia still has enough stocks to strike with its own weapons. At the same time, according to him, the occupiers are negotiating the supply of weapons and ammunition with other countries.

In particular, about ammunition for the «Smerch» and «Hurricane», because the production of the Russian Federation has not yet become mass. Because of this, there is a certain deficit in Russia. According to the GUR, Russia was negotiating with Iran to replenish the Russian arsenal of ballistic missiles, but so far no deliveries of such weapons have been recorded.

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