The head of the Pechersk shopping center explained whether it is legal to serve subpoenas on the street and in stores

Head of the Pechersky TCC explained whether it is legal to serve subpoenas on the street and in shops

Serving subpoenas in public places does not contradict Ukrainian legislation. Colonel Sergei Kalugin, head of the Pechersk Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support, said this during a briefing at the Military Media Center.

The colonel was asked about the legality of serving subpoenas in shops, public transport and other places outside the place of registration.< /p>

«I can say that it is not forbidden to serve subpoenas (in public places .ed). To be honest, as an example, not all those liable for military service sit at home and wait at the door for someone to come to them and hand them a summons. A person can be registered in one place and live in another,” Kalugin said.

Among other things, he recalled Art. 65 of the Constitution, which states that the protection of the state and territorial integrity is an honorable duty of every citizen of Ukraine. In this regard, Kalugin believes that all those liable for military service today should have themselves come to the territorial recruitment and social support centers, provide their data, undergo a medical examination and begin serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine if they are fit.

Colonel also stressed that the service of subpoenas is not a method of punishment.

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