The Hill: Putin Has Four Non-Nuclear Ways to Tighten War Against Ukraine

The Hill: Putin has four non-nuclear ways to escalate war against Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin may use a number of non-nuclear means to escalate the war against Ukraine. The Hill writes about this.

It is reported that Russia may first use biological weapons.

“There were also suggestions that Ukraine possesses biological and chemical weapons. This is a clear sign that Putin is considering using both,” US President Joe Biden said in March.

The publication draws attention to the fact that biological weapons — these are pathogens such as anthrax, botulism or ricin. They are spread deliberately to provoke disease and death of people. The Russian Federation inherited parts of the Soviet program to develop biological pathogens. And the State Department believes that Moscow is still supporting these developments.

In addition, a terrorist country can carry out a chemical attack. The main types of chemical weapons are nerve agents, as well as toxins that cause burns, asphyxiation and blood poisoning. They are all designed to kill or maim.

Putin has already been accused of organizing chemical attacks against Russian opposition figures and former Russian spies using the Novichok poison. Russia has also been involved in chemical attacks during the wars in Chechnya and Syria.

Among other options that Russia is considering to suppress the Ukrainian offensive in the south is the destruction of the dams on the Dnieper. Professor of political science at the University of California at San Diego Bronislav Stanchev admits that the Russian Federation could destroy two dams upstream, which would lead to flooding of the entire left bank of the Dnieper and force the Ukrainians to evacuate hundreds of thousands of people instead of attacking Kherson.

“Also, ultra-radicals in Moscow are calling for a strike on the dams in the north of Kyiv. The consequences of the collapse of the cascade of the Dnieper reservoir would be catastrophic, since the low-lying areas that would be flooded are very densely populated,” he added.

Escalation can be achieved by conventional means. This is evidenced by the intensified rocket strikes of the occupiers on the civilian infrastructure of Ukraine. At the same time, Putin's mobilization of hundreds of thousands of new soldiers in Russia proves his desire to send more manpower to the war, despite the political risk. The air strikes have not been successful in containing the Ukrainian military offensive and have shown the limits of Russian air power.

In addition, Putin may call for a general mobilization, which will allow the army to expand the pool of potential recruits. However, for this he will have to forget the talk about the “special operation” and admit that Russia is waging war against Ukraine.

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