The intense heat wave continues in the east of the country

The intense heat wave continues in the east of the country

To protect yourself against the heat, you can fill a bath and cool off for a few minutes, or spray your hair, recommends Dr. Christiane Laberge.

The heat wave that is hitting the east of the country will continue on Sunday in several regions of Quebec, the Maritime provinces and Ontario.

Intense heat warnings have been issued by Environment Canada for Saturday and Sunday. Maximum temperatures could reach 40 degrees in some places. The highest humidity index is expected on Sunday, but a cold front will lower the mercury as early as Monday.

In Quebec, the warnings are particularly for the south and east. west of the province.

In Greater Montreal, the very hot and humid weather will continue tonight and until Sunday, with a Humidex index that can reach 40 degrees. A similar scenario will be observed in the Estrie and Mauricie regions.

In the Outaouais and Ottawa, maximum temperatures are expected to reach 27 to 33°C, with a Humidex index fluctuating up to 43 degrees. However, temperatures should drop at night to between 20 and 23°C.

In Ontario, the episode of high heat affecting the south and south-west of the province could continue beyond the weekend.

In Toronto and in his region, maximum temperatures are expected to reach 33°C with Humidex indices varying between 40 and 43 degrees. Similar weather conditions are expected in southwestern Ontario, including areas of Windsor, Leamington and Essex County.

In the Maritime Provinces, the mercury is expected to be highest in Nova Scotia. In the Halifax area, Environment Canada forecasts a warm spell that could stretch into Monday, with maximum temperatures of 29 to 33°C and a humidity factor hovering between 38 and 42.< /p>

Temperatures in New Brunswick are expected to reach 33°C in some places and the Humidex index will approach 40 degrees.

As for Prince Edward Island, the mercury will hover between 28 and 31°C with a humidity of 32 to 39.

Very warm air and humid can also cause a deterioration in air quality, recalls Environment Canada. Risks are greatest for young children, pregnant women, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses, and those who work or exercise outdoors.

You have to drink water, recommends family doctor, Dr. Christiane Laberge, who adds that you can also stay hydrated by taking orange juice.

You can fill a bath and cool off for a few minutes, or spray your hair, especially that of children, to evacuate the heat. You can also wet a dish towel and keep it on your body, she recalls.

When you are outside, you can go to an island of cool, in a park or a place where there is shade, advises the family doctor.

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