The Interior Ministry advised what to do during the collapse of the building after the explosion | VIDEO

The Interior Ministry advised what to do during the building collapse after the explosion | VIDEO

Law enforcement officers gave advice to Ukrainians on what to do in case of a building collapse during explosions. This was reported in the video of the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

As noted, among the recommendations:

  • Leave the building as soon as possible, but do not use the elevator . If possible, warn others of the danger of collapse. Remain calm and do not create crowding while descending the stairs. Move away from the house as far as possible.
  • If it is impossible to leave the building: stay away from windows and balconies; if possible, turn off the water, gas and de-energize the room; place yourself in a corner, by a doorway, between beams, frames, or under a table.
  • If you are trapped: call for help; try to free your arms and legs; call 101 if possible; you can try to dismantle the blockage around you, but do not touch what everything is based on. If possible, tap on pipes or radiators while waiting for help.

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