The invaders deployed temporary military bases in the Voronezh and Kursk regions. So it was before the invasion | PHOTO

Occupiers deployed temporary military bases in the Voronezh and Kursk regions. This was before the invasion | PHOTOS

The Russian occupiers set up a new tent camp near the «Pogonovo» near Russian Voronezh. It is reported by «Radio Liberty» with a link to satellite imagery from

It is reported that the new campground next to the landfill «Pogonovo» was built no earlier than January 25th. The process of building the camp can be seen in the pictures taken on January 30, as well as on February 1 and 7.

On the eve of a full-scale invasion, the occupiers actively transferred military equipment to the indicated training ground. Units of the 1st Guards Tank Army — Subsequently, as the Main Intelligence Directorate claimed with reference to documents found after the retreat of Russian troops from near Kiev, units of this army in less than a month of the war lost more than 400 soldiers and officers, as well as more than 300 pieces of equipment, killed and wounded.

Also, in recent weeks, Russians have been actively building a camp near the village of Zaezzhiye Dvory in Kursk region. According to the pictures, it was built between January 28 and February 7. It should be noted that it was from this camp that the mobilized survivors of the Ukrainian attack on vocational school No. 19 in Makeevka turned to the Russian command. Then they asked not to disband their division.

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