The largest water reservoir in the United States is running dry

The largest reservoir of water in the United States is running dry

Lake Mead supplies in water 20 million people in Nevada, California, Arizona, but for how long?

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Lake Mead in the heart of Nevada is at its lowest level in its history.

Lake Mead has reached the lowest level in its history. Created by the Hoover Dam in the 1930s, it is fed by the Colorado River, which originates in the Rocky Mountains.

With less rain and less melting snow, and overuse of water, the flow of the river is increasingly low, so much so that the Hoover Dam may no longer generate electricity from electricity. x27; a few years from now. Forty million people depend on the river in seven states, including Arizona, California and Nevada.

The Hoover Dam fed by the Colorado River, which originates in the Rocky Mountains.

Judging by appearances, however, there is nothing to disturb the inveterate players of the casinos in the region. We may talk about water and electricity shortages, but the casinos shine brightly in the desert. Near Boulder City, the Aquarius Casino does not skimp on air conditioning.

This refrigerated tower stands proudly in the desert, with giant posters of photos of the last winner at the Casino.

Inside it is so cold that you need to dress warmly, while it is 40 degrees Celsius outside. Air conditioning is not a problem here, and it's a cigarette in your mouth that you try your luck.

Casinos in Southern NevadaThe Aquarius casino displays the winners. casino.jpg” media=”(min-width: 0px) and (max-width: 640px)”/>A woman plays on two machines at the Casino.1/3Casinos in Southern NevadaPhoto : Radio-Canada/Azeb Wolde-GiorghisView previous imageView next image

It's as if we were living in a parallel world, people's moods vary according to the slot machines, the planet can get warmer, you have to win at all costs.

“Once there is no more food to be produced, because of the lack of water, people will realize that you can't eat money.

— Charles Sherrill, Farmer, Arizona

Charles Sherrill has worked the land for 45 years. He grows alfalfa and wheat among other things, he has never seen such drought in the region. Eighty percent of the water in the Colorado River is used by farmers. In January 2023, Arizona will have to reduce its water consumption by 21%, which worries him.

We should have reacted twenty years ago, he says. Today, he is demanding financial compensation for the farmers. In addition to the drought, there is inflation, the price of gasoline, fertilizers, everything is increasing and we have less water to irrigate our land, we will not succeed no.

Charles Sherrill uses the Colorado River to irrigate his land.

Lake Mead is the main source of water in the area. At 325 meters deep, it is at its lowest level. Even boaters are thinking of packing up, we have gone from eight to two marinas, and there is only one ramp left for launching boats.

“We all have boats, but we can't put them in the water anymore because there's no more ramp, only one left, and queues are 4-5 hours on weekends.

— Craig Travers, Yachtsman

Still reeling, Jocelyn Holzwarth says the lake was dropping 30 centimeters a week this summer.

As of January 2023, the claims office will impose further restriction measures to lower water consumption. Nevada will have to reduce its water consumption by 8% and Arizona by 21%; California is spared for the moment.

Lake Mead is draining…

“California must not reduce its supply when it receives plenty of water. Everyone must be vigilant, otherwise we run to our loss. There will be no more electricity, no more water. Imagine the city of Phoenix without water or electricity. »

— Charles Sherrill, farmer

Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angeles without water or electricity is unimaginable and yet not impossible. Craig Travers wonders why we don't solve the water problem by desalinating the seas.

In southern Nevada, the water police are hard at work and are fining people who waste water. It is forbidden to water your lawn between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., no more than three days a week and never on Sundays. In addition, if the water flows unnecessarily on the street, the fines are $80, after several warnings. And then the state encourages residents to get rid of their grass.

“In twenty years, we got rid of 20 square km of lawn, and saved 613 billion liters of water. ”

— Damon Hodge, Water Conservancy, Southern Nevada

As the water level drops, the lake Mead also revealed his darkest secrets. Corpses have surfaced, they have the signature of the mafia of the time, we are told, as they controlled the casinos. Several investigations are underway. The casinos are laid bare, the region reveals all its artifices and reveals a less than rosy reality.

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