'The last straw was that the Russians are killing children': The story of a British sniper fighting for Ukraine | VIDEO

Project «Ukrainian Witness» spoke about a British sniper with the call sign Ghost, who is fighting on the side of Ukraine as part of the International Territorial Defense Legion.

The man hides his identity and usually avoids journalists.

« The last straw was that the Russians are killing children. I don't like it and I won't tolerate it. I hate Russians for this», he says.

The man considered his participation in this war for three weeks, and his mother tried to dissuade him from this act several times. «But I felt that I was drawn to Ukraine. I have to go and fight, and now my mother does not worry about me», — says Ghost.

According to him, he was three times in Afghanistan and twice in Iraq. He also fought in the hot spots of Bosnia and Nigeria. He has 20 years of service in the British Army, 15 of which as a sniper.

In Ukraine, he managed to survive the 19-hour bombardment and wound. Now he is undergoing rehabilitation and really wants to return to the front.

«All they (the Russians) need to know is that we will win», he says.< /p>

Prizrak also talked about why the Russian army cannot be considered professional. «A Russian soldier shot me three times at close range and missed. I killed him», — he says.

The serviceman shared anecdotal incidents that occurred during his stay in Ukraine. «He did what he shouldn't do… When I shot him he was masturbating», — the Ghost recalls.

Also, the legionnaire has his own list of people he would like to eliminate. In this list, in addition to Russian commanders and generals, there are Alexander Lukashenko and Hollywood actor Steven Seagal. The latter is known for his pro-Russian position and is even a member of one of the Russian political parties.

The military man admits that this war will be his last. And after the victory, he wants to stay in Ukraine, says — I haven't seen better people than here anywhere in Europe.

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