The leader of the “Boombox” Khlivnyuk about his duties in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Deputy for Logistics

Boombox leader Khlivnyuk about his duties in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Deputy for Logistics

Ukraine entered the defense. The artist spoke about what duties he performs in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in an interview with Zirkovy Shlyakh.

According to the musician, now he feels at the forefront in his place.

– I have no more leadership ambitions. I have always been a leader in my work. A leader is someone who clearly understands whether he is in his place or not. If you just want to lead something, but you don’t have the experience for this, you are a fool, you can’t be there. In this case, not only the well-being of people depends on you, but life, their health, whether the state will spend money on treatment, on payments, on food for people, on your mother’s pension, and so on. Unlike our enemies, we must do our job professionally. This is our advantage. The way we work, hopefully in its place, depends on our future. A person who loves to sing karaoke drunk cannot go to the stadium and play a three-hour concert, – the artist shared.

The performer noted that he is ready to fulfill any order of the leadership, but today he has several responsibilities at once:


– My task is to provide for those people who also follow the order, but who do not have so many people who trust them, so many connections, so much just money to provide cars, pharmacies, fuel, cartridges, various things that you have hands reach. In addition to the humanitarian and military trips themselves, there is still a huge amount of work to ensure that this works like clockwork. And this is my job, besides the driver and machine gunner, – deputy rear. And I'm not alone. I wouldn't have been able to do it myself. There are people who are much cooler than me.

Khlyvniuk also thanked Ukrainian volunteers who raise funds abroad and purchase humanitarian and military aid for Ukraine.

– I am proud of tens of thousands of our people. Highly. Guys who fight, first of all. But I am no less proud of those who supply us with everything we need. And they suffer there. Because we tell them: “Sit in Poland, don't interfere here.” They told us: “We want to go home.” Well, who will do what you do there? Who will run around all these flea markets, who will look for all this, carry, send? What will you do here? – shared the musician.

At the end of March, the singer was wounded in the face while on patrol. He came under mortar fire. A hit in Ukraine instantly became the song “Oh, the red viburnum is near the moon”, which the artist performed “a cappella” in military uniform in the center of the capital. Later, David Gilmour from Pink Floyd called Khlyvnyuk and offered to record “Kalina” together. ” alt=”The leader of the “Boombox” Khlivnyuk about his duties in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Deputy for the rear” />

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