The “leaders of Russia” came to steer the “DPR”. Donetsk residents: “So what?”


A new “power” from Russia was approved in Donetsk. Her appearance was expected and even feared somewhere: usually “curators” from the Russian Federation came to look for where the Russian taxpayers’ money allocated for the development of the “republic” had gone, and to roughly punish the guilty. Now the Russians have come to not only supervise, but also rule.

The son of such a dad …

The appearance of new “rulers” in ORDO was noisy. The frequent arrivals of shells in the center of Donetsk in recent days clearly hinted that life is difficult for people, they need a lot of money. True, the attempts of local propagandists to pass off the holes from the mortar shelling as the arrival of rocket and cluster shells from the Armed Forces of Ukraine caused, to put it mildly, bewilderment even among the supporters of the “republics”. But in Donetsk, residents are no strangers to such a show, everyone is alive – and thank God. But whether such a “movie” will increase funding for the “republics” suffering from daily shelling will be seen, although not soon.

Not soon, because the “head of the DPR” Pushilin, under a personnel reshuffle on June 8, brushed away the entire “government of the republic” from their homes. To ordinary citizens, the names of the departed members of the “government” were told absolutely nothing, so the reset went unnoticed. Even the “head of government” Ananchenko, who was first dismissed and then taken to another position, was unknown in wide circles, so Donetsk did not decide whether to be happy or upset about his change of portfolios.

A certain 36-year-old Russian Vitaly Khotsenko, who was born, by the way, in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, has become the new “Prime Minister of the DPR”. Despite his young age, as his autobiography says, Khotsenko managed to get several higher educations: at Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov with a degree in Sociology, at the Singapore Institute of Marketing with a degree in Business Management (there is no university with that name on the Internet, there are several with similar specifics. – Ed.), at the Institute of Law (private university). He graduated from the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation, was an assistant to a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

Since March 2010, Khotsenko has held positions in the state authorities of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. Since 2013, he has been Minister of Energy, Industry and Communications of the Stavropol Territory, since September 2019 – Director of the Department of Industrial Policy and Project Management of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. Khotsenko is a graduate of the fourth stream of the so-called school of governors and a finalist of the Leaders of Russia competition in 2018-2019.

The father of the new “head of government” is well known in Russia – Pavel Khotsenko started out fighting crime on the Yamal Peninsula, and now he is working as director of the Utrish nature reserve in Anapa, where he was removed from the post of director of the Sochi National Park.

< p> A certain Evgeny Solntsev was appointed as Khotsenko's deputy, about whom it is only known that he previously served as assistant to the Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation, and before that he headed the directorate for the comprehensive reconstruction of railways and the construction of railway transport facilities – a branch of Russian Railways.

The rest of the new members of the “DNR government” were promised to be shown to the public later.


Russian Vitaly Khotsenko will now “command the parade” in Donetsk. Photo: DAN (an illegal media outlet in Donetsk).

Perhaps they will prepare a referendum

The public, in turn, shrugs their shoulders and actively googles information – who are these people and why did they appear in Donetsk? However, the “why” is clear: after the recognition of the self-proclaimed republics by Russia, it simply had to take a closer look at the regions it patronized/occupied. And, of course, one cannot do without their “watchers”, who in Donetsk stubbornly continue to be called curators.

Simply put, Russia is tightly entering the occupied region, increasing its influence and, of course, collecting all cash flows (domestic and foreign trade, humanitarian aid, etc.) into its own hands. Before the Russian Varangians, these were the hands of the “head of the DPR” Pushilin, through whom all financial streams passed without exception.

In Donetsk, of course, there is a slight murmur of officials, they say, in vain, or what, they fought for independence for eight years? Yes, and the new formation should be headed by local sovereign people, with knowledge of the specifics of the region. It was with these words that the stray “Prime Minister of the DPR” from Moscow, Alexander Borodai, in the summer of 2014 handed over the reins of power to a resident of Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko, who was blown up in the Separ cafe in 2018. Pushilin, who took his place, was also considered conditionally from Donetsk, he comes from Makeevka. And here is a tourist from the Yamal Peninsula…

However, what the “chairman of the DPR government” does in general is not known for certain, and the residents remaining in Donetsk are not even in a hurry to discuss the new “prime minister”, since everything rests on the eternal Donbass “So what?”.

Of course, new faces, no matter what their passport and position, will not stop the shelling, will not remove the shameful filtration camps, will not lift the curfew, will not reduce the crazy prices for food and will not force the money changers to give the normal exchange rate of the ruble and hryvnia without robbing unfortunate pensioners with their Ukrainian pensions turned into pennies. They will not return home mobilized students and disabled people thrown into the thick of the war. They will not take care of the return of the refugees, who have left for “two weeks for evacuation” for the fourth month already…

– I think they will prepare referendums on joining ORDLO to Russia. But how can this be done if a huge part of the inhabitants are now mobilized and are on the front line with Mosin rifles, while others are in indefinite evacuation? However, this will not prevent holding a referendum and declaring 100% support by the population for joining the Russian Federation. So the farce continues, – sadly states a resident of Donetsk, pensioner Igor Veselovsky (not his real name).

According to rumors, referendums can be scheduled for the summer, during the holiday season, where people want to go even under shelling. But this will not confuse either the old or the new officials of the “DPR” – they are excellent at organizing a circus tent with elections.


The right hand of the “premier” was appointed “honorary railway worker of the Russian Federation” Yevgeny Solntsev. Photo:

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