The Main Intelligence Directorate answered whether there is a risk of an attack on Kyiv from Belarus

The GUR answered if there is a risk of an attack on Kyiv from Belarus

Today, there are no shock groups in Belarus to attack Ukraine. This was stated in an interview with Ukrainskaya Pravda by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate Kirill Budanov.

According to him, talk about a possible attack by the «terrible legions of Belarusians» appear about every six months. At the same time, he stressed that there is a potential threat from Belarus, but the reality is a little different.

«The Russians are now transferring a certain number of units there. But what they say and what they actually throw are completely different things. So far, there are no signs of the creation of any format of shock groups. To date, the Russians have brought about 3,200 people there»,” Budanov said.

Among other things, the head of the GUR drew attention to the fact that Belarus simply would have nothing to fight with, since today all the equipment removed from storage bases and transferred to Russia. For an attack on Kyiv from Belarus, says Budanov, the Russians will have to transfer troops for at least two weeks.

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