The Main Intelligence Directorate told which offensive option the occupiers can use in 2023

The GUR told what offensive option the occupiers can use in 2023

In 2023, the Russian occupiers may launch a second offensive against Ukraine from several directions at once. Andrey Chernyak, a spokesman for the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, stated this in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

According to him, the Russians understand that they are losing the war, but they are not going to stop. Chernyak added that the key question is what territories the invaders plan to attack. Intelligence is not yet able to predict this.

«We are considering the possibility that they can simultaneously go from the north or east. Such actions of the enemy are expected and our troops are ready for this»,— said Chernyak.

Speaking about a possible offensive from Belarus, the representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate noted that the enemy did not have enough forces and means for this. Intelligence also believes that in 2023 the occupiers will try to hold the land corridor to the occupied Crimea and capture the entire Donetsk region.

«According to Ukrainian military intelligence, over the next 4-5 months the Russian army could lose up to 70,000 more people. And the leadership of the occupying country is ready for such losses», — Chernyak added.

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