The mayor in the Odessa region was searched – they were looking for a passport of Pridnestrovie

Searchs took place at the mayor in the Odessa region - they were looking for a passport of Pridnestrovie

The mayor of the city of Kodyma in the Odessa region reported on the searches that took place at his place. The reason for them was the suspicion that they had a passport of the so-called Transnistria. Sergey Lupashko assured that he has only one citizenship – Ukraine.

– Today at 07:30 am, representatives of law enforcement agencies, by decision of the Pechersky District Court of Kyiv, searched my son and me for confirmation cooperation with the Russian Federation, motivating this by the narrative regarding the citizenship of the so-called TMR. Although I was born in the Republic of Moldova, and subsequently acquired the citizenship of Ukraine, there can be no speculations on this subject,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Lupashko said that the suspicions were not confirmed. Representatives of law enforcement agencies “were themselves surprised, because there are simply no facts or prerequisites for treason on my part and members of my family.”

The mayor complained that he has been working “under constant threats and fabricated cases.” Sergei Lupashko assured that the socio-economic situation in the city is under control, state institutions are working as usual.

The SBU and the State Bureau of Investigation told Suspilny that they had no information about the searches in the mayor's house.

In September 2021, Sergey Lupashko became the hero of the Odessa media due to the fact that he had difficulty reading a speech for the City Day. Journalists suspected the mayor of ignorance of the Ukrainian language. Lupashko himself apologized to the residents and noted that he could not see the speech written on a piece of paper without glasses.

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