The mayor of Melitopol said that the rashists left checkpoints in the area

The mayor of Melitopol said that the rashists left checkpoints in the area

Melitopol will be liberated in the coming “weeks-months”. Mayor Ivan Fedorov stated this in his video message.

– I clearly understand that Melitopol will be de-occupied in the coming weeks and months, and we will be able to restore Ukrainian statehood. This is exactly what Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky is sure of. This is confirmed by the fact that three days ago, almost all the checkpoints of the Melitopol region, the rashists had already left. A few days ago, they even moved from Vasilyevka towards Zeleny Gay, fearing the advance of our military personnel, – he said.

Fedorov noted that more than half of the inhabitants left Melitopol due to the occupation, 70 thousand remained. The main problem of the city remains the lack of Ukrainian communications.

Vladimir Zelensky visited the Zaporozhye region on Sunday. The head of the OVA told the president that 60% of the region is temporarily occupied by Russia.

According to the Melitopol edition, the only way to leave Melitopol towards Zaporozhye is through Vasilievka. At the checkpoints to Vasilyevka, there are “most likely DPR fighters, who are very dirty and look like homeless drunks.”

Russia occupied Melitopol in the south of the Zaporozhye region at the beginning of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Mayor Ivan Fedorov was held captive from 11 to 16 March. The occupying “authorities” declared Melitopol the “temporary capital” of the occupied part of the region.

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