The Ministry of Defense for the first time showed the French “brother” HIMARS | VIDEO

For the first time, the Ministry of Defense showed the French

< p> The Ministry of Defense showed a video with the French LRU multiple launch rocket system, which has been destroying the enemy on the front lines for a month now. The corresponding video was published by the defense department on Twitter.

«They say that all fairy tales end with a wedding, and all videos end with shooting from HIMARS. First time on screen: LRU/M270A1 after sending hellish gifts to rashists. Carefully! Despite long weekends and holidays, there will be more soon», — video caption says.

Lance Roquette Unitaire Multiple Launch Rocket System, or LRU for short — this is a French version of the upgrade of the American M270 MLRS. Ukraine received this system at the end of November. LRU is capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 80 kilometers with a maximum salvo of 12 missiles.

The satellite navigation and control system guarantees high accuracy of hitting a unified high-explosive fragmentation warhead weighing about 90 kg. The available software and modification of the launch platform make it possible to use ATACMS missiles without additional training. Russian electronic warfare systems and air defense systems are not capable of influencing a missile during flight or intercepting it.

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