The Ministry of Defense has signed contracts with 16 UAV manufacturers. In total, they will spend about 20 billion

The Ministry of Defense has signed contracts with 16 UAV manufacturers. In total, about 20 billion will be spent

The Ministry of Defense signed 16 government contracts with Ukrainian manufacturers of drones. This was announced by Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov.

According to him, in 2023 the Ministry of Defense will increase the purchase of UAVs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is planned to allocate about UAH 20 billion to this segment. The head of the defense department added that to date, applications have already been received from Ukrainian manufacturers for 75 UAVs of various types.

«We are talking about the development of the drone market for a wide range of applications — air — earth — water. This is about adjusting artillery, and about the tasks of defeating the enemy (shock drones), and about the delivery of ammunition, the evacuation of the wounded, etc. & # 187;, & # 8212; he noted.

In the coming days, Reznikov intends to personally meet with Ukrainian developers and manufacturers of UAVs. He notes that Ukraine can become one of the world leaders in this area and must be ready not only to defend itself. , but also to help the allies, «acting as the shield of Europe in the east».

«Therefore, our goal is both a modern air defense and missile defense system, and a powerful fleet with coastal defense, and combat aviation. Yes, we face a difficult challenge – increasing the independence of the military-industrial complex (read – the defense capability of Ukraine) due to the provision of the Ukrainian army with Ukrainian-made products,” Reznikov stressed.

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