The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the withdrawal from the Zmeiny Island a “step of goodwill”

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation called the withdrawal from Zmeiny Island a

The Russian Ministry of Defense has officially confirmed the withdrawal of its troops from the Ukrainian island of Serpents in the Black Sea. The department said that the flight from a strategically important facility is a “goodwill step.”

– Today, as a goodwill step, the Russian military completed tasks on Zmeiny Island and withdrew the garrison stationed there, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that by such actions they demonstrated that Russia “does not interfere with the efforts of the UN to organize a humanitarian corridor for the export of agricultural products from the territory of Ukraine.”

The military department of the occupying country also said that “now the word is up to the Ukrainian side which still does not clear the Black Sea coast near its shores, including the port waters.”

– In Russia, they talk about the alleged withdrawal of troops from Zmeiny Island and present it as a “goodwill gesture”. They say, Russia does not interfere with the humanitarian corridors for the export of Ukrainian grain. But all this is a complete fake. Firstly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine drove the Russians out of the Snake Island. Secondly, the Russians are shelling warehouses with our grain. In the morning, a train in Dnipro was fired upon Petrovsky region, – Andrey Yermak, head of the President's Office, commented on the statement of the enemy department.

The statement of the Russian Defense Ministry appeared almost immediately after the message of OK “South” that the Russians fled from Zmeinoye under the cover of night on two boats.


Before that, the Ukrainian military promised to attack the positions of the invaders until the island was completely de-occupied.

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