The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stopped talking about Soledar

Russian Defense Ministry stopped talking about Soledar

In the daily briefing Russian Defense Ministry representative Igor Konashenkov said nothing about the attack on Bakhmut and Soledar. It is reported by the «Agency. Novosti«.

Konashenkov said that “successful offensive operations of the Russian troops continued in the Donetsk direction”, but did not specify what the successes were and where they were achieved. Judging by the map shown during the briefing, Soledar is not under the full control of the Russian army.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday morning that “a gigantic job has been done” in Soledar, but “there is more to come a lot of work.”

Stopped reporting about the capture of Soledar and Prigogine. The last message in the Telegram channel of his press service was released on Wednesday evening.

  • More than a hundred Russian invaders were liquidated in the battles for Soledar.

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