The mobilized Russians complained that they were being sent to “senseless assaults, like consumables” | VIDEO

Mobilized Russians complained that they were being sent to 'senseless assaults as expendable' | VIDEO

Mobilized from the Krasnodar Territory complained that without preparation, “the next day they are sent for assaults” in the Donetsk region, where they suffer “huge losses.” The ASTRA telegram channel writes about this.

Russian invaders serve in the 20th division of the 255th regiment of the 1st motorized rifle battalion of the 2nd motorized rifle company.

“We were mobilized a few months ago. All this time we were on combat duty in the Kherson direction on the front line – on the very front. Although we were promised that we would be on duty on the second or even third line. This continued until about December 2022. Then we changed direction to Donetsk. And now we are regularly sent for assaults. Constantly, roughly speaking, in a few days it all repeats. For example, on February 22, 2023, we were sent to be slaughtered, in fact. We stormed the village with well-fortified positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Before the assault, the command promised us that there would be artillery preparation and support. But it wasn't. We were simply sent to storm under the fire of enemy artillery, where we were already suffering losses on the outskirts,” the mobilized say in a video message that they addressed to “Putin and all Russians.”

“We are just there abandoned. There was no evacuation. Some of the wounded lay on the battlefield for almost 6 hours, after which they were taken prisoner,” the invaders add and demand that they stop being sent to “senseless assaults, as consumables.”

The sister of one of the mobilized who recorded the appeal , told ASTRA that “less than 30 people remained from my brother’s company, the rest were injured or died.”

“The video shows all the guys who survived. They are going to be sent to a new assault, which, most likely, will be the last one, ”said the sister of the Russian occupier.

  • Mobilized from the Russian Federation, who survived after the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Makiivka, complained that their they want to disband the unit.

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