“The most technologically advanced war in the history of mankind”: How US technology helps Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation

Ukraine's advantage in the war with Russia is largely based on the use of advanced technological developments, the leading supplier of which is the American company Palantir. This is written by The Washington Post.

Palantir Executive Director Alex Karp called the confrontation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the Russian invaders «the most technologically advanced war in the history of mankind».

«The power of advanced algorithmic combat systems is so great that the advantage , which it gives, can be compared with the advantage of tactical nuclear weapons over conventional ones. The general public often underestimates this parameter, but our opponents have already realized the fallacy of this approach», — he notes.

The developments provided by Palantir allow Ukrainian defenders to analyze the alignment of forces in battles, aim and attack the positions of the Russian army with rockets, artillery pieces or drones. When the drones report on a strike, the data is fed into the system and the program calculates the damage caused.

The interlocutors of the publication said that with the help of artificial intelligence, NATO analysts outside Ukraine determine where the enemy is and what weapons are best used against him at the moment, and then report this data to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The latest developments helped the Ukrainians win the most resounding victory in the war, including the recapture of Kherson: the military knew where the Russian troops were moving and could attack them with a high degree of accuracy.

The revolutionary nature of Palantir technologies is also determined by in that they collect and organize data from commercial sources. Ukraine and its allies have all available information at their disposal, from traditional optical images to radars that can see through clouds to heat maps that can detect artillery or missiles.

One of the Ukrainian defenders noted, that each battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has its own software developer, which provides an obvious advantage over the enemy. The Ukrainians themselves developed the Delta program, which changes the map of the area where the battle is being fought in real time.

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