The mother of TV presenter Slava Demin sued him and demanded alimony

TV presenter Slava Demin's mother sued him and demands alimony

Ukrainian radio and TV presenter Slava Demin admitted that his mother sued him . In one of the interviews, the showman spoke about a difficult relationship with a relative – as a child, she often raised her hand to him. Now Demin's mother lives in Spain and the war in Ukraine did not affect their communication in any way. According to him, now the woman is demanding alimony from her famous son.

– Everything is fine with her, she lived in Spain before the war. It seems to me that a mother cannot sue her son in order to receive alimony … In Spain, she lives for something. So he works, but asks for alimony in Ukraine. It's strange, because my lawyer is working on this, – Slava shared in an interview with Zirkovy Shlyakh.

Demin first said that he suffered from domestic violence in an interview with the Dorotye YouTube channel. According to the TV presenter, at the age of 18 he wanted to deprive his mother of parental rights. For more than 5 years, the showman has not maintained relations with a relative, she communicates only with her grandson.

Slava is 37 years old. He is a presenter at the radio station “Lux FM” and the host of the show “Ranok z Ukraine”. In January 2021, he broke up with his wife Ksenia after 13 years of marriage. They got married in April 2010 after three and a half years of relationship. From this marriage, Demin has a son, Vladislav.

Mom of TV presenter Slava Demina filed a lawsuit against him and demands alimony

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