The National Guard told how they will destroy the Iranian “Shahed”

The National Guard told how they will destroy Iranian

Nearly 130 mobile fireteams have been set up in the National Guard to counter attack drones. This was announced at a briefing by Colonel Nikolai Urshalovich, Acting Director of the Application Planning Department of the Main Directorate of NSU, Colonel Nikolai Urshalovich.

According to him, more than 250 fire and about 130 mobile fire groups have been created as part of countering attack drones. He noted that there are already results in the Yuzhnobuzhsky operational area.

Urshalovich also added that during the massive enemy missile strikes that began on October 10, the National Guard servicemen took part in the elimination of their consequences at facilities guarded by The National Guard, and also ensured the evacuation and provision of medical assistance to the civilian personnel of these facilities.

He stressed that the forces and means of the National Guard ensured reliable protection and defense of 302 important state facilities, 41 public authorities and 94 critical infrastructure facilities .

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