The Ohio gunman had issued a 'call to arms' against the FBI

The Ohio gunman issued a “call to arms” against the FBI

Ohio Highway Patrol Lt. Nathan Dennis at a press conference about the attempted building attack from the FBI in Cincinnati, USA.

The gunman killed Thursday by law enforcement after trying to break into the offices of the federal police (FBI) in Ohio had posted a “call to arms” on the social network of Donald Trump, Truth Social, several US media reported on Friday.

Several US media published screenshots of the account in the name of the suspect identified by the police of the #x27;Ohio as Ricky Shiffer, 42, which reads: This is a call to arms.

Account has since been removed from Truth Social.

I propose war, the author adds, calling on patriots to go to Florida and kill FBI agents, the day after Monday's raid on former President Donald Trump's Florida home, an unprecedented raid which provokes the wrath of the Republican camp.

The author confesses to having attempted to enter by force the premises of the FBI in Cincinnati.

I thought I could drill through armored glass, and I couldn't, he explains. If you haven't heard from me, it's true that I tried to attack the FBI, and that will mean I was banned from doing so. Internet, that the FBI got me or that they sent the police for…, he wrote in a message interrupted in the middle of the sentence and posted Thursday morning, according to the media.

The FBI had announced that an armed person had attempted to break into its offices in Cincinnati, Ohio early Thursday morning.< /p>

According to local media, the man, who was wearing a bulletproof vest, used a nail gun and brandished a weapon semi-automatic AR-15, before fleeing by car.

Following a chase with the police, the The man had taken refuge in a cornfield, where he had been surrounded by the police. When they tried to arrest him, he brandished his firearm in the direction of the police, who fired, fatally wounding him.

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