the pallets of MSI are ready –

the pallets of MSI are ready –

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The NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti is ready to debut, apparently: a leak reveals that MSI he has already prepared his own pallets with the new GPU, whose Exit it should therefore be forthcoming.

The rumors that gave the RTX 3080 Ti arriving in April were therefore not founded, but only briefly: in all probability the Video Card equipped with 12 GB of RAM will arrive in stores in May.

The photo pallets, which document a shipment ready to leave for the USA, show that the card inside those boxes is a RTX 3080 Ti Wind 3X OC, therefore equipped with a less performing heatsink than the top of the range.

However, we imagine there are more models also ready for delivery, and the same goes for other companies that manufacture GPUs based on NVIDIA specifications – we will probably see them all together.

Or rather we will not see them, because if the market situation does not change they will be sold-out immediately. An issue that even President Biden is trying to address, but that does not bode well in the immediate future.

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