The photographic adventure of the pokémon under examination in our final verdict of New Pokémon Snap

The photographic adventure of the pokémon under examination in our final verdict of New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap is the return of one of the most loved IP by fans, but has it fulfilled its proposal? Does it live up to the Nintendo 64 game? Does it suppose an evolution according to the new times? In 3DJuegos we once again give the role of judge to the users, so that they can comment on the interesting proposal of Bandai Namco on Nintendo Switch.

It was one of the great surprises that we had last year: the mythical Pokémon Snap from Nintendo 64 returned in a new video game, adapted in this case to the possibilities of Nintendo Switch. The Pokémon Company made the dream of many veterans of the franchise come true, who grew up taking photos of Pikachu and company. However, the work was far from done: the developers had to convince with a game to match, to return to the original path to give us a renewed experience.

The question is: have you succeeded? New Pokémon Snap offers the same gameplay dynamics as the original title: take photos while we are guided through various tours. But there are some differences and improvements. The main one is that the routes are more varied, there are multiple routes, the number of species is much higher and we also have some additional mechanics that make each route more varied and interesting. We already gave our opinion with the analysis of New Pokémon Snap. Now we choose you to render your verdict.

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New Pokémon Snap

  • Gender:
  • Adventure

  • Creators:
  • Bandai Namco

  • Release date:
  • 30-04-2021

  • Platforms:
  • Nintendo Switch

  • Links:
  • All About New Pokémon Snap / videos

How to describe the genre in which New Pokémon Snap is inserted? A photographic adventure on rails in which the most important thing is to take the best snapshots. Your role is not far from that of other video games in the Pokémon saga: investigating all possible creatures, always under the supervision of Professor Espejo. There are 200 creatures to discover in the Lensis region, made up of several locations and a very peculiar phenomenon: Lúmini. That’s all you have to know in a game that adds the odd surprise -and nostalgic reference- for the most Pokémon fans.


  • Rescue all the essence of the original Nintendo 64 game.
  • Catch both veterans and new players.
  • Propose important novelties, such as the Lúmini phenomenon.
  • Own a good amount of Pokémon: in this case there are more than 200 species.
  • Plan numerous and varied routes among themselves.
  • Many hours of gameplay, with high replayability possibilities.
  • Have a suitable and consistent finish with the possibilities of Nintendo Switch.
  • Bring out the charm of the Pokémon saga in a photographic adventure game.


Haruki Suzaki, director de New Pokémon Snap. “Species selection was really difficult. My vision was to create a world where you can really imagine wild Pokémon thriving in their natural habitats and ecosystems.”

Junichi Masuda, director en Game Freak. “As a gamer, I would definitely like to have a new version of Pokémon Snap, but at the same time I think that if it was just a remake with better graphics it might not be that interesting” (2014 statements)

Haruki Suzaki, director de New Pokémon Snap. “We always sought to create a world that was plausible and fantastic, one in which the pokémon present could live as if it were a natural ecosystem.”


3DGAMES: Successful, but improvable

New Pokémon Snap is a good return that recovers and expands the mechanics of the original video game for Nintendo 64. It proposes more routes, complexity and a fairly balanced evaluation in the photos. It is a game that successfully rises on the virtues of the original, although with not a few frustrations, derived from a rhythm that can be difficult to assimilate and a graphic finish that could have given more of itself. Even so, if you are a fan of the series and also have a fondness for photography, it may be a good option.

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* Average score of more than 100 reviews to date.

Kotaku: “New Pokémon Snap is quite magical. It takes the formula of the original game from 1999 and expands it enough to make you feel like a completely new adventure. That without diluting the fun so simple that taking photos of impossible creatures offers.”

Ars Technica: “After 15 hours taking snapshots of hundreds of Pokémon, I feel that I still have a lot of secrets to discover in the varied environments of New Pokémon Snap.”

Polygon: “New Pokémon Snap is the equivalent of a visit to Jurassic Park, but without the tourists ending up being eaten. And the best part is that you can do the tour without having to leave the comfort of your Nintendo Switch.”

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