The pilot who led the “ghosts of Kyiv” died in the battle over the Black Sea | A PHOTO

A pilot who led the

In the battle over the Black Sea, a Ukrainian pilot, Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mikhail Matyushenko, with the call sign «Ded», who led «ghosts of Kyiv», died. This was reported by the mayor of Bucha Anatoliy Fedoruk on Facebook.

The mayor of Bucha, where the pilot was from, writes that Matyushenko died heroically while performing a combat mission in an air battle on June 26, but his remains were found only now, 3 October he will be buried in his native city.

«One of the nights «Grandfather» rushed into an air battle on an L-39, simulating a MiG-29 attack on a pair of Su-30s. What do you think? They retreated!» – recall one of the episodes of his sworn brothers.

Subsequently, Matyushenko decided to strengthen the southern and eastern fronts.

«When «Grandfather&# 187; learned about the irretrievable losses of trained bomber crews, the decision was made. Thus began a new operation», — his brothers explained.

Mayor Buchi specified that this was the last mission for Matyushenko. He did not return from another flight. They searched for the pilot for a long time – and today his body is sent to Bucha.

«And only now we have the right to tell the truth: «Ghost of Kyiv» (composite image of the pilots of the 40th tactical aviation brigade of the Air Force, who defended the sky of the capital. – ed.) was headed by a pilot from Bucha,” Fedoruk writes.

He noted that with Matyushenko to the leadership, the aviation brigade did not suffer losses in the air – all the pilots of the & # 171; Ghost of Kyiv & # 187; returned alive.

A pilot who led the «ghosts of Kyiv» | PHOTO

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