The Pokémon bike is real and that’s what it looks like

The Pokémon bike is real and that’s what it looks like

By Sebastian Quiroz
30/07/2021 11:44 am

Recently, the official account of Pokémon in Japan it reached one million followers on Twitter. In this way, this company announced a competition, where players can win a replica of the iconic Red & Blue bike.

All those who enjoyed the first generation of Pokémon will remember that this bike is priced at $ 1 million, although the player gets it for free with a coupon. All you need to do to enter this raffle is follow @poke_times y enviar un tweet usando el hashtag Pokemon’s 1 million yen (“The million yen Pokémon bike”), and voila. However, this competition is only valid in Japan, and there are no international shipments.

The bicycle has a series of characteristic elements of the series, such as a tread with the design of a Pokéball, Pikachu and Snorlax engravings between the spokes and pokeball prints on the handles. As if that were not enough, this collectible can reproduce the iconic bicycle theme from the Game Boy games.

However, the bicycle is only a collector’s item, and it will not be possible to use it properly, since it is glued to a base, and there is no chain that allows its correct operation. This may be a shame, but it is something that all Pokémon fans surely want to display in their homes.

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Via: Kotaku

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