the post that worries followers

the post that worries followers

Luciana Littizzetto go back to the hospital again. The comic, shoulder of Fabio Fazio a Che Tempo Che Fa posted a shot from the hospital bed. «And I’m still here. Of course…»Quotes Vasco Rossi the presenter to give the news to his followers. In December 2019 Luciana was the victim of a fall on the street in Turin in which she fractured her wrist and wrist. She was operated on urgently and now after 7 months she is back under the knife. “Now all the threads and knitting needles of the patella are removed. The recovery ambaradan begins again. Ufffff“. Littizzetto jokes about it, but there is concern and supportive comments are not long in coming. From Lillo Petrolo to Antonella Clerici, from Emma Marrone to Filippa Lagerback there are many colleagues from the entertainment world and friends who wanted to leave messages of good wishes and closeness under her latest post.

Luciana Littizzetto, messages from colleagues

Among these is that of his dear friend Mara Venier, also back from a not too easy period that saw her in an emergency hospital after a dental operation that did not go well: “Go ahead great Lucianina”

Luciana will resume in October with Fazio What’s the weather like broadcast on Rai 3, but in the meantime he has a difficult summer ahead of him in which he will have to work hard to fully recover his knee. There was no lack of thanks in the actress’s post to the doctors who operated on her.

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