The Queens of Shopping: A candidate with an incurable disease

This week, Cristina Cordula presents a special model week in “Les Reines du shopping”. Among the candidates is Viktoria, a beautiful 25-year-old blonde who has everything going for her and who may well make people envious. It is therefore difficult to believe that she is suffering from a potentially very disabling disease.
Since the start of the week, five models are vying for the new title of Queen of Shopping on Cristina Cordula’s show . Viewers have already seen Viktoria , a tall and beautiful 25-year-old blonde. Always dressed from head to toe, a flawless body and tastes that hit the mark. No doubt, Viktoria is a formidable candidate! We are far from imagining that behind her doll-like appearance, the young woman has been suffering from an illness for several years now.

In fact, at the age of 16, she contracted Lyme disease . It is an infection transmitted by ticks from which several celebrities such as Bella Hadid or Justin Bieber are affected . Viktoria provided details about her state of health in 2016 during an interview with the newspaper Le Progrès . She explained that she spent several months in the hospital before getting the correct diagnosis. ” I was covered in little pimples. And it was itchy! It was horrible, ” she confided. A symptom in addition to those of fatigue, fever and joint pain. The situation isfor a month and a half. ” It was only there that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease ,” she reported.

After putting a name on her discomfort, Viktoria made more appointments with different doctors and tested several treatments. A very trying period for the teenager that she was: ” We even went to Germany, a country very affected by Lyme disease . We saw at least six doctors: in Saint-Claude, Lons, Lyon, Nyons, in Germany and finally, in Toulon. One told us one thing; for the other it was the opposite … ”

Finally, it was by consulting a homeopath in Toulon that his condition improved. ” Frankly, homeopathy, I didn’t believe it at all. But for two years, every three months I’ve been going to Toulon with my mother. And it’s been a year since I finally feel good, ” she admitted. Four years ago. If today, everything seems to be going for the best for the model, the disease remains incurable and could again manifest itself in various forms.

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