The Rada adopted a bill on compensation for housing destroyed and damaged during the war

The Rada adopted a draft law on compensation for housing destroyed and damaged during the war

The Verkhovna Rada at its plenary session on February 23 adopted the draft law No. 7198 on the creation of a compensation mechanism for housing destroyed or damaged during the war. This was reported by People's Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak.

275 deputies voted for the bill.

The right to compensation will be received by individuals – citizens of Ukraine who are owners, customers of construction, investors of damaged or destroyed real estate objects , as well as their heirs.

For damaged property of an apartment building, compensation can be received by condominiums, housing cooperatives, managers or persons authorized by the co-owners of apartment buildings.

People from the sanctions lists who have a criminal record for committing crimes against the foundations of national security and their heirs will not be able to receive compensation.

Each case will be considered separately by special commissions to be created by local authorities.

< p> It will be possible to apply for compensation during martial law and within a year from the date of its termination or cancellation. This can be done electronically through «Diya» or on paper – through the TsNAP, social security authorities or a notary.

The law will not apply to facilities that were located in the temporarily occupied territory on the date of the introduction of martial law. Compensation will not be available in the form of «live» money.

Owners of damaged and destroyed apartments will receive it in the form of five-year housing certificates for new housing, and owners of individual houses will have a choice – to take a housing certificate or monetary compensation with a special purpose, which can only be used for financing construction.

The law allows you to choose more expensive housing than the cost of a housing certificate. In this case, the difference will need to be covered at your own expense. If the price of the property is below the amount indicated on the certificate, the recipient will theoretically be entitled to the remaining compensation, but only from the money received from Russia to compensate for the losses.

The certificate can only be used by its owner or heir, it cannot be transferred to third parties. The recipient of compensation will not be able to alienate housing purchased using a housing certificate for five years.

Combatants mobilized without UBD status, large families, persons with disabilities will be the priority in receiving compensation.

< p>The sources of financing for compensation for damaged and destroyed property will be:

  • funds from the state and local budgets;
  • funds from international financial organizations, other creditors and investors;
  • < li>international technical and/or returnable or irrevocable financial assistance;

  • reparations or other penalties from the Russian Federation;
  • other sources not prohibited by the legislation of Ukraine, including local funds established with for the purpose of providing compensation and restoring damaged/destroyed (destroyed) real estate objects.

To systematize information on compensation, a Register of Damaged and Destroyed Property will be created. The law enters into force two months after its publication.

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