The reaction of the world to the shelling of Kremenug: the UN Security Council gathers a meeting, Biden declared solidarity

The reaction of the world to the shelling of Kremenchuk: the UN Security Council is meeting, Biden declared solidarity

At least 18 people became victims of rocket attacks in Kremenchug. More than 20 people are in hospitals with injuries. Because of the incident, the UN Security Council is convening a meeting because of the incident, at which there will be a discussion of the situation. The meeting of the Security Council will begin at 15:00 Eastern American time (at 22:00 Kyiv time). It is expected that a representative of Ukraine will take part in it.

In addition, a kiss in the shopping center with civilians caused indignation among world leaders. “KP in Ukraine” collected the reaction of the heads of state to the missile attack on the shopping center

US President Joe Biden

– Russia's attack on civilians in a mall is brutal. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people,” he tweeted, assuring Ukrainians of the continued support of the United States and expressing his conviction that the Russian occupiers “are in for a fair retribution.”

Biden added that the G7 summit had already demonstrated that “The United States, together with our allies and partners, will continue to hold Russia accountable for such atrocities and support the defense of Ukraine.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Said that a Russian missile attack on the shopping center would strengthen the UK's resolve to support Ukraine.

– This terrible attack once again showed the depth of cruelty and barbarism to which the Russian leader has descended. Again, our thoughts are with the families of the innocent victims of Ukraine. Putin must realize that his behavior will only increase the resolve of the UK and any other G7 country to support Ukraine for as long as it takes, Johnson said at a meeting of G7 world leaders in Bavaria, Germany, quoted by The Guardian.

French President Emmanuel Macron

Called on Russians to see the consequences of the actions of the Kremlin regime.

– Russia's shelling of a shopping center in Kremenchug is an absolute horror. We share the pain of the families of the victims. And anger from such a shame. The Russian people must see the truth,” he wrote on his Twitter, attaching a video from the scene of the shelling to the post.

UN Secretary-General Speaker Stephane Dujarric

Named the missile shelling a mall is “terrible”, emphasizing that any civilian infrastructure, including malls and civilians, should never be targeted.

– Any attack on a mall is, to put it mildly, horrendous. And it is far from the front line,” Dujarric said, quoted by Ukrinform

Russia fired two missiles at Kremenchuk on the afternoon of June 27. One hit was at the Amstor shopping center. 18 people were confirmed dead, 40 more injured Debris removal continues.

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