The rights of the accused before those of the victim, a trial postponed

The rights of the accused before that of the victim, a postponed trial

Quebec City Courthouse

A man who allegedly savagely attacked a young woman in a restaurant-bar in Quebec City had his trial postponed Monday morning at the Quebec City courthouse.

While the victim and his relatives presented themselves to the Court for the opening of the trial, Alexandre Turcot's lawyer asked the judge to withdraw from the case.

Me Louis Belliard indicated that difficulties in communicating with his client, imprisoned in Montreal, had prevented him from preparing well.

In this context, his client no longer had confidence in him to defend him.

I see that there are people here who expected a trial, I am sorry, let Me Belliard drop, glancing in the direction of the complainant.

Another photo of the suspect captured by cameras.

Alexandre Turcot, 42, allegedly tried to strangle her as she went to the toilets of the London Jack pub in July 2021. The perpetrator and the complainant did not know each other.

The Service de police de la Ville de Qu├ębec (SPVQ) had released images from surveillance cameras to identify the suspect, which led to the x27;Turcot's arrest in October.

The prosecution objected to the postponement of the trial, arguing the victim's right to be heard in a reasonable time.

Me Louis-Philippe Desjardins argued that the judicial system could not find itself at the mercy of the simple decision of an accused.

Judge Pierre L. Rousseau, however, allowed the annulment of the trial while waiting for Turcot to find a new lawyer.

He recalled that an accused has the right to be defended by the #x27;lawyer of his choice. Holding the trial without regard to this constitutional right could prove unnecessary, the judge argued, since the Court of Appeal could intervene and order a new trial.

It on the other hand indicated that the delays caused by this surrender will be attributable to the defence.

The case will return to court at the end of September in order to know the identity of the new lawyer for Alexandre Turcot who is detained during the legal process.

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