The Russian Federation is going to conduct the second nuclear exercise in a year. USA already notified

Russia intends to conduct second nuclear exercise in a year. US already notified

Russia plans to hold the second nuclear deterrence exercise in 2022 «Grom». Defense Express reports this.

Teachings «Thunder» will be the second of the year, as they were not held in 2021 and were rescheduled for February 19 this year, shortly before Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

«We are talking about launches from three submarine launch vehicles, hypersonic missiles, ground-based ballistic intercontinental missiles, launches from strategic aircraft, as well as a test launch of RS-28 «Sarmat». Taking into account the list of forces and means, the north of the Russian Federation will become the key testing area. Note that any launches do not mean the use of nuclear weapons», — said in the material.

According to Reuters, US Air Force spokesman Patrick Ryder said Russia had notified the US of Wednesday's annual nuclear exercise.

“The US has been notified, and as we emphasized earlier, this is a regular annual Russian teachings. Thus, in this regard, Russia is fulfilling its arms control obligations and its transparency obligations,” — Ryder said.

CBS previously reported, citing two U.S. officials, that the exercise would include launches of nuclear-capable missiles.

Russian exercise Thunder will coincide with the long-planned NATO nuclear exercise Steadfast Noon (“Steady Noon”) organized by Belgium from 17 to 30 October.

  • Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu came up with the idea that Ukraine would detonate a nuclear bomb and 23 phoned defense ministers of a number of countries in October.
  • The US State Department said that Russia would face consequences, regardless of whether it uses a dirty bomb or a nuclear bomb.

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