The Russians tried to recruit “Azov” for the “destruction of the United States”

The Russians tried to recruit the Azovites to 'destroy the USA'

Representatives of the GRU of Russia tried to recruit Ukrainian fighters of the «Azov» regiment, who were leaving «Azovstal», motivating this «war against the USA and the West&# 187;. This was stated during the briefing by the chief of staff of the regiment «Azov» Major Bogdan Krotevich the main intelligence department (GRU RF — ed.) worked out the following: when we got out of captivity, they wanted to recruit «Azov» as a division by the fact that you guys are fighting well (I am now quoting the GRU, not myself) and let's destroy the West and the USA together & # 187;, & # 8212; he said.

Krotevich stressed that the «Azov» one thought was unanimous: they are defending their homeland — Ukraine, and the Russians are enemies. He also urged journalists to refrain from questions about the captivity. According to him, the disclosure of information about Russian captivity can harm those who are still there.

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